Story Behind the Song: ‘Remember This’

Home Free, a vocal-only country group, recently announced their upcoming world tour and album, Dive Bar Saints. The album stands out from previous releases, in that it consists mostly of original tracks. Along with today’s release of ticket sales to the public for the world tour, they’ve released two new singles. The single, ‘Remember This,’ was written by Tim Foust, of Home Free, Donnie Reis, Arlis Albritton, and Chris Chatham.

Behind the music

A few months ago, the guys sat down here at Twelve 3 South Recording in Nashville to write. Donnie explains, “We discussed how fleeting and fast life passes you by and how it’s just a series of moments coupled with choices. We wanted to capture the impact and sentiment surrounding whether you will choose to live with regret or happiness about your life’s moments. We ultimately, ask the question, how do you want to remember this, hence the title, ‘Remember This.'”

Donnie arranged the instrumental demo with artist, Tim Foust. Eventually, that instrumental demo was arranged for vocal by Home Free’s producer, Darren Rust.

I’ve had the chance to see the video before its release and CANNOT WAIT for you all to see it too! It’s an absolute MUST WATCH and listen. Stay tuned!

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