In the News…with The Frontmen of Country

Excerpt from an interview with Tim Rushlow (Little Texas, Frontmen of Country, Tim Rushlow’s Big Band) published by DL-Online.

“Rushlow also mentions one of the show’s surprise elements — their violinist, Donnie Reis, whom he calls “a phenomenal talent.

We met him overseas,” Rushlow said of Reis. “He’s an Army combat veteran who is an amazing concert violinist. You’ll see him and he’s got this beard and looks like he’s just hopped off a Harley — yet when he picks that violin up, he will wow you.

Having the intimacy of a violinist with the three of us on piano and guitars, it just makes for a really good, elegant night of music,” he continued. “But at the same time this is not the kind of show where everybody is going to sit around, sip on tea and give a nice polite golf clap at the end of a song. It is a fun show, and it’s engaging and we like people that are rowdy. We like to get rowdy. We have a lot of fun with it.”

(Gerdes, DL-Online – Nov. ’18)