Donnie takes a studio break to entertain the troops with Erick Baker & The Frontmen of Country

Studio owner, Donnie Reis, spends much of his time on the road touring with various acts but this time, one opportunity really hit home for him. The Frontmen of Country artists, Tim Rushlow (formerly of Little Texas) and Larry Stewart (Restless Heart), teamed up with Erick Baker and Donnie Reis to hit the stage overseas and provide some entertainment for troops serving our country far away from family and friends. Donnie explains, he understands how much it means to them when they’ve been there for so long, to feel and experience a piece of home. This sort of entertainment and visiting really means a lot to the men and women serving, as he reflects back to 2004 when he was one of them. Reis’ favorite part was the one-on-one time he got with troops during off-stage time. He hopes to continue more of these tours in the future. This tour hosted by MWR’s Navy Entertainment.